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15 years of window cleaning, tracts, fly screens & sills all cleaned


  • • GEELONG’S TOP-Trained Technicians – No Dirt Cleaning Services certified firm.
  • • How often do we need Carpets Cleaned?
  • • As a trained Microbial Investigator & professional carpet cleaning technician: we recommend your carpets should be deep cleaned at least once a year.
  • • With a maintenance clean in between a deep clean.
  • • Having carpets cleaned regularly ensures a healthy environment. You can count on No Dirt Cleaning Services – Geelong – Bellarine Peninsula – Surf Coast
  • • In business since 2006, All family members - technicians are trained and dedicated to helping you keep those carpets clean and bug free.

Professional Window Cleaning Company in Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula & Surf Coast

We clean various types of windows along with glass-like surfaces for both residential and commercial properties. With the use of our special pole brush system, we can reach to 5 stories with no ladders which will save you the labor costs. We can also use water purifier system which means that your windows will be dry clear with no chemicals. The most important reason for glass maintenance is to avoid degradation. Glass will over time be contaminated with various hard minerals. That is the reason why glass needs to be restored to avoid regular cleaning.

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