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Stain Removal

No Dirt Cleaning Services are experts in the field of stain removal!

Andrew Cini a student of Colorful Carpets - Chris Howell from the USA _ one of the worlds leading colour restoration instructors in the world today!

• I have the right trick for you – first rule is never touch that stain unless you have the expertise to do so.

• At No Dirt Restoration Services we train to understand the art of stain removal.

• Most stains can be removed but, most stain removal products may work – it is all a about a technique – knowledge & experience.

Your search for a carpet stain removal specialist is over!

Carpet Stains need to be treated as fast as is possible. If you cannot remove a stain yourself call the professionals at No Dirt Cleaning Services immediately. When attempting to remove a stain always only use non-marking white cloths or towels, and do not use generic cleaning products that aren’t specifically designed for carpets. When in doubt call us for advice.

For advice, a quote, or to make a booking to have a stain removed from your carpet, please call Andrew now on 1300 663 478, 0425 700 119, or email No Dirt Cleaning Services here.

The Carpet Stain removal experts in Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula & Surf Coast – No Dirt Cleaning Services

No Dirt Cleaning Services, the clean-genie, provides you with your wishes: a prompt, expert, reasonably-priced, home or office carpet stain removal service.

At No Dirt Cleaning Services we consider ourselves the carpet-stain-removal Masters. And our very strong, successful, track-record of removing all manner of carpet stains proves this.

Over the years we have refined our specialist carpet stain removal techniques to a high art. All No Dirt Cleaning Services technicians carry a vast array of products specifically designed to tackle particular and specific types of carpet stains. Whether it’s red wine, tea, coffee, oil, grease, cosmetics, crayons, inks, urine, faeces, or just about anything else you can imagine – you name it, we have removed it and can help you with your particular carpet stain today.

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