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No Dirt Canopy cleaning Service. Serviced and cleaned as it should be, Certificate of compliance issued on completion.
Canopy Cleaning is extremely important!
Your kitchen canopy plays a very important role in your kitchen – as its job is to filter out grease, fumes, moisture and much more. It protects your employees and customers from carbon monoxide, dangerous fumes, smoke, bad odours and so much more.

However, if your kitchen canopy hasn’t been cleaned in a while – it could be a hazard rather than a help. It doesn’t take long for the average range hood in a commercial kitchen to become coated with grease. When it is left unmaintained for a while, your kitchen canopy can accumulate enough grease to become an extreme fire hazard.

It goes without saying that a fire in your kitchen would be extremely devastating to your business. Your equipment would be destroyed, you would have to shut down the restaurant and not only would you have to face the cost of repairing the damage – but you would be losing out on revenue for every day that you are closed. Also, a fire poses a significant risk to the lives of your employees and customers.

This is why it is very important for your kitchen canopy to be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. A dangerous amount of grease can build up faster than you might think. A regular canopy cleaning service is required by the Australian Standards.

Providing you with a complete canopy cleaning

If you believe – as we do – that presentation is an important part of your reputation and you don’t feel that your current cleaning company quite understands that, then call
No Dirt Cleaning & Restoration Services: provides your first line of defense against the risk of Exhaust System fires. Dirty greasy kitchens and cooking equipment are an OH&S hazard.
Exhaust System fires can happen if grease and flames or intense heat are brought together inside your exhaust system.
No Dirt will ensure your exhaust system is free of greasy build-up.
No Dirt will thoroughly clean your kitchen equipment, exhaust canopy, grease channels and the exhaust fans in your kitchen exhaust system and on the roof.
Assisting you with your OH&S, insurance and all applicable federal, state and council compliance
fan removed and stripped down & cleaned, flue, canopy and filters all degreased and cleaned.
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