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At No Dirt Cleaning Services, we go that extra mile to get the best results for all our customers. We clean tens of thousands square meters of carpet, vinyl; in fact, all types of surfaces, per year. We know what works. We cater for all types of cleaning at cost-effective prices. Carpet cleaning, carpet tiles, rugs: whether it’s dry encapsulation or steam cleaning of carpets – we do it all! Flood Restoration: We also have the knowledge and expertise to complete this task when needed. Have a broken/burst hose, or your washing machine or sink is blocked? Don’t stress – we can fix it for you!. You don’t have Insurance or you don’t want to pay excess? Not a problem. We will be there for you. Stripping and resealing hard surfaces: 8 years of experience – thousands of strip & amp; reseals from private homes to government schools. If it needs stripping and resealing, we do it. Matt finish or high gloss – we do it all. Canopy cleaning & Oven cleaning: I am in the process of investing in equipment worth $17000.00. A 3-phase pressure steamer that melts grease/burnt food scraps off all surfaces like butter. And yes – we will supply a Certificate of Compliance for landlords, real estate agents and insurance companies. Mould Remediation: And yes – we can remove mould & mould spores using techniques approved and certified in the USA. Australia is yet to recognise mould for what it is, and the dangers that come with it. Toxic black mould causes serious health problems such as mental impairment, breathing problems, damage to internal organs and sometimes even death. The symptoms of toxic black mould include are: •Mental and neurological symptoms •Respiratory symptoms •Circulatory symptoms •Vision and eye problems •Skin problems •Immune system problems •Reproductive system problems •Tiredness and discomfort •Other illnesses and health effects

Using Cimex, Hako auto scrubber & polivac high speed burnish 2014

Vinyl floors Art room Geelong East P S
Sept 2015

Nathan Cini Stripping vinyl w/Cimex & black pads

Nathan Cini Stripping vinyl w/Cimex & black pads

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